What is nRetail?

nRetail is a New Retail Platform, this is a model with a modern combination of traditional and online retail (O2O) to create an extremely effective and convenient ecosystem for suppliers, stores and consumers to participate in the experience, interact online with each other.

nRetail is built on a modern cloud platform to help distribution enterprises and manufacturers transform their distribution models, eliminating many intermediaries to shorten the distance with the outlets/stores and consumers to be able to serve customers anywhere and anytime.

nRetail also makes store management simpler and more convenient, using nRetail will help store owners order online easier, can be done at home or anywhere without waiting for salesman. nRetail also helps optimize business management, increase sales, increase income for store owners. The New Retail Platform nRetail will
help suppliers transform and build an end-to-end distribution system to deliver to stores and consumers


Easy order and quickly sell


Empower to retailers and consumers to enrich connectivity and shorten the distance from vendors to them


Infrastructure and technology powered by MS Azure to meet the International Security Compliance

nRetail Model

Vendor’s Benefits

Connect and interact online

Direct connect vendor and retailers quickly and easily

Auto customer care system

Using artificial intelligence to automatically propose new stores, auto schedules to care and interact with store by virtual assistants to increase efficiency in quality, scale, and speed of customer service

Increase brand identity

Vendor will be automatic notified every time new retailer registered in the system, help them to be proactive in caring and expand their market.

Optimize Delivery

Connect 3PL companies into nRetail platform to provide better options for vendor in optimizing delivery cost and time.

Gamify to up sell

Gamify sales activities to boost revenue by exciting tasks and bonus of gamification feature.

Catch market info quickly

Retailers owner now be able to interact directly with vendor to provide their info and feedback.

Optimize resources

The nRetail platform with advanced technology will help vendor manage their customers easier and optimize their operating and salesforce cost.

Expand market quickly

Vendor will be automatic notified every time new retailer registered in the system, help them to be proactive in caring and expand their market.

Retailer’s Benefits

Connect vendor directly

Retailers now can search and connect to vendor for purchasing easily. Retailers can check vendor and its product info before purchasing quickly.

Increase revenue by participating vendor’s trade programs

Retailers now can participate directly into trade/sales programs such as display, check stock to provide their store info to vendor and earn more revenue.

Opportunity to use a full and profession POS system

nRetail not only provide a tool to help retailers order product but it also can help retailers manage full their business with a profession POS system integrated.

Order quickly

Simplify ordering process with nRetail, Retailers can order quickly and tracking status easily. Suggested order can be generated automatically based on current stock and historical data.

Stocks are full fill on time

With nRetail, the ordering and interaction with vendor is very quick and instant, to ensure stock full filling always meet market demand.

Sales promotion program

Information and policy of sales promotion programs are notified to retailer directly; to ensure info of scheme and incentive are updated to retailer quickly and accurately.

3PL’s Benefits

Increase Lead

By joining the nRetail platform, 3PLs be able to have opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers to exploit and increase opportunities to provide services.

Expand market

The nRetail platform provides tools and opportunities for 3PLs to participate, promote their services and connect with multiple vendors to tap and expand their markets.

Accurate customer info

Customers are reputable vendors, delivery locations are fixed retailers and transactions are repeated will help increase accuracy and minimize risks for logistic companies.

Increase Delivery Efficiency

Optimize delivery cost and efficiency with more orders for multiple vendors on the same route.

Route optimization

Artificial intelligence algorithms will help 3PL companies choose and optimize their delivery routes better.

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Special Features of nRetail

Retailer Features

  • Order to Vendor directly
  • Track order status
  • Interact with vendor directly
  • Full POS system to manager retail business
  • Direct check and participate promotion programs from all vendors

Vendor Features

  • Manage retailer’s orders
  • Update promotion info to retailer directly
  • Interact with retailer directly
  • Search and connect to new retailers on the platform
  • Auto care and do virtual visit retailers
  • Auto notify anytime when new retailers registered in the platform
  • Integrate with other systems such as DMS, ERP, Logistic system
  • Direct update incentive, claim information to retailers
  • Visual and accurate report

Funtions Of Logictis

  • WMS system
  • Integrate with vendor system
  • Optimize delivery routes
  • Visual and accurate report

nRetail WorldWide

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